Airtel spends 12 billion for the acquisition of its 4G license in Niger

11 May 2018


The telecom operator Airtel has solicited and obtained from the State, an operating license for its 4G service it will soon launch. The mobile phone company has spent 12 billion FCFA for the acquisition of this new license, revealed Pierre Canton Bakara, CEO of Airtel Niger.

This sum is in addition to the investments made in 2014 for which, the country’s telephony giant had spent 34 billion FCFA for the renewal of its 2G and 3G licenses for a 15-year lease. This brings the total investment envelope for the purchase of licenses to 46 billion FCFA; several tens of billions have already been invested to extend its network over the territory.

This new license is the first ever obtained in Niger by a telephony operator. It will allow according to the director general of the Nigerian subsidiary of the Indian Bharti, to secure the country to broadband. This, thanks to a faster connection with shorter data transfer times. “We believe that 4G will unleash the potential of our populations, especially our youth who will more easily access educational, social and cultural content.” Says Pierre Canton Bakara

Today, the Airtel network covers almost the entire country, or 18,000 villages in 264 communes out of the 266 in Niger, according to the CEO of Airtel.

Source: NexTV Africa