Former footballer ventures into ICT

11 May 2018


UNITED States-based former footballer Owen Gombami has opened a web-based organisation that offers creative, innovative and affordable solutions to education in a bid to complement Government’s efforts in empowering underprivileged communities through better access to educational equipment.

Younger brother to former Highlanders and national team midfield star Honour, 31-year-old Owen, who left the country on a football scholarship in 2007, says his dream is to empower fellow countrymen especially from underprivileged communities who might not have access to modern methods of e-learning through his Roots Africa Initiative.

“Roots Africa Institute is a platform aimed at simplifying the complexity of accessing authentic knowledge and relevant information in an accelerated pace for all. We offer creative, innovative and affordable solutions to education.

“We believe the root to eradicate poverty and youth driven migration, idleness, crime, drug abuse and despondency is their empowerment through specialised training and skill acquisitions. Read the full article on The Zimbabwe Daily here.