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Bank of Uganda has launched a modern website that will bring about transparency between the Central bank, commercial banks, and the general public on key financial matters. The $49,000 (Shs84 million) website was designed to enable the stakeholders in the banking sector keep pace with the latest developments in the industry.

Speaking at the launch of the website on April 30 BoU Deputy Governor Bank of Uganda, Mr David Opiokello said: "In this regard everything will be done to ensure that the contents are up-to-date to meet the needs of the users and other stakeholders and to periodically modernise it to match the emerging trends."

He said the development is a further demonstration of BoU's commitment to transparency and accountability. He said in future expects will enhance its website with the introduction of e-Banking and e-Commerce and conversion PDF files into the database to facilitate analysis and research. The new website at, will also hook BoU to international information on central banking in a globalised world.

Mr Opiokello said the process took a considerable period of time to make it more user-friendly and versatile with update information on key financial indicators and other operations of the Bank.

The Programme Director of Financial Development Systems at GTZ, Mr Peter Rhode said BoU has taken the right step forward in opening the banking industry in Uganda, because the website provides bankers and the general public with an over view of what is going on industry in transparent manner.

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