Could Blockchain Disrupt Corruption In African Land Registration? This Startup Hopes So

18 May 2018

Money Transfer

Getting a title and deed registered for any piece of land in Africa is a thorny affair.

The processes are painfully slow and ladened with corruption. Cases of double ownership are many and land disputes clog the justice system from Cape Town to Cairo.

It is no wonder most of the land in sub-Saharan African nations is unregistered and still held under old customary rights that are difficult to navigate in a modern commercial world.

A number of startups have taken up the opportunity to disrupt land registration in Africa by introducing blockchain – a ledger system for recording digital transactions – in land registries across the continent.

One of the pioneers in this is Land Layby Group. A real estate firm with a tech arm, Land Layby operates across five countries, developing land and selling lots to Africans living in the diaspora. The company is planning to launch its first digital registry in Kenya. Read the full article here.