Tastemade and TYT Network of YouTube TV available in South Africa now

25 May 2018

Digital Content

Youtube TV is bringing two digital-first media companies, Tastemade and TYT Network into the pay-TV realm and both will be available in South Africa.

Google’s internet-TV service is adding 24-hour linear channels from Tastemade, a travel, food and lifestyle media company, and TYT, which focuses on news commentary, politics and entertainment. Both will join the YouTube TV lineup starting Thursday.

For YouTube, one of the key motivations behind the deals is to tap into the large online followings of Tastemade and The Young Turks (TYT Network), to potentially attract new subscribers to YouTube TV and its core lineup of 50-plus traditional broadcast and cable networks.

Heather Moosnick, director of content partnerships at YouTube TV said, “We’ve seen them build huge and engaged audiences over the years. In news and lifestyle, these are really compelling content areas for us. We’re excited to see them join the rest of the best of television, which YouTube TV already carries.”

YouTube TV had already announced a deal with Cheddar to add the millennial-focused media startup’s flagship financial-news programming as a dedicated channel along with the general-interest Cheddar Big News channel.

Moosnick added, “This marks the beginning of that true evolution.” Several digital-media companies have approached YouTube TV about carrying linear versions of their content, and YouTube is in talks with other partners about launching 24-hour channels.”

For their new linear channels, Tastemade and TYT are producing original shows representing several hundred hours of original programming, which will be available only to subscribers. That includes 10 new series to roll out from Tastemade over the course of 2018, and four new shows from TYT Network at launch (with more to come later in the year).

Larry Fitzgibbon, Tastemade’s co-founder and CEO, said the launch of his company’s linear TV channel on YouTube TV is a watershed moment. Fitzgibbon said, “We think it’s massive. It’s enabling a new set of consumers to engage with our brand. There’s a massive opportunity for us to increase consumer consumption and advertising.”

Source: NexTVAfrica