Kenya: Bloggers Sue AG, IG Over New Cybercrime Law

1 June 2018

Digital Content

Bloggers want some section of the new cybercrime law suspended.

The Bloggers Association of Kenya has sued the Attorney-General, the Speaker of the National Assembly, the Inspector-General of Police and the Director of Public Prosecution over the Computer Misuse and Cyber Crimes Act 2018.

The Kenya Union of Journalists is listed as an interested party in the case.

The bloggers claim that the law contains provisions which deny, infringe and threaten freedom of expression, media and person besides the right to privacy, property and fair hearing.

They argue that there are currently 51 million internet users who are at risk of being arrested and prosecuted for unconstitutional offences.

The said new law is set to come into effect on May 30.

This is the second suit challenging the Act after President Uhuru Kenyatta assented to the bill on May 16.

It deals with various offences such as cyberbullying, hacking and spreading of fake news.

Source: Daily Nation