Precision networking is key to Zambia’s mining efficiency, says Paratus

8 June 2018


LUSAKA, ZAMBIA – Precision mining, using innovative wireless technology to optimise efficiencies, is the future of Zambia’s mining sector according to connectivity specialist Paratus Zambia.

With low-grade ore bodies, Zambia’s mining sector is increasingly looking for economies of scale and ultra-efficient systems in order to remain profitable, and the latest state-of-the-art technology is an essential part of that.

The country’s largest mines have recognised this, and have a continuous process of upgrading hardware, software and skills to stay ahead.

The latest development in the sector is kinetic mesh networking, using vehicles in the pit to create an instant wireless network that provides continuous connectivity and allows for real time data access to the performance and productivity of the fleet.

Bespoke internet service and technology company Paratus, which is the agent for US-based Rajant Corporation, the world leader in kinetic mesh networks, is introducing the system to Zambia at this week’s CAMINEX 2018 trade show in Kitwe, where Paratus is also providing free wi-fi for exhibitors.

“Mines are using kinetic mesh technology to create better situational awareness, reduce losses and damage, and provide a speedy first response when issues do occur,” said Paratus Country Manager Marius Van Vuuren. “The number of interconnected devices, cameras and sensors is growing fast, and this also increases the need to secure and authenticate the communication traffic moving in, out and around the network.”

Source: Press Release