South Africa: Minister Davies launches R1bn ICT factory in East London

8 June 2018


South Africa has not been able to manufacture enough electronics products but has relied on imported tablets, cell phones and all kinds of electronic equipment, Trade and Industry Minister Dr Rob Davies said on Tuesday.

"What we are witnessing today [Tuesday], is a company that is getting into this space which is very important as we prepare ourselves for the 4th Industrial Revolution," he said at the launch of the billion rand Yekani Information and Communication Technology (ICT) electronics and manufacturing factory in the East London Special Economic Zone (ELIDZ).

"This is an example of what we can do if we put our minds to it. So I think this an investment to celebrate at a number of levels in an industry that is of strategic importance and key to job creation."

Yekani is a beneficiary of the Black Industrialists Programme and the Special Economic Zone Fund.

Davies said the the department of trade and industry (DTI) provided R350-million for the construction of the company’s infrastructure through the Special Economic Zones Fund and a R50 million grant under the Black Industrialists Programme for the machinery.

The DTI would in future convene all Black Industrialists beneficiaries that have received financial and non-financial support to discuss pertinent issues on how the department can improve on their incentives grants and also on taking other beneficiaries to the next level, he said.

Source: Engineering News