Africa Code Week Aiming To Empower Youth, Begins With Madagascar Coding Workshops

15 June 2018


Ahead of the start of Africa Code Week 2018, which will take place throughout the continent in October, hundreds of teachers and parents in Madagascar have learned basic coding skills.

Thanks to a partnership between Africa Code Week and software development group SAP, over 200 teachers and parents in Madagascar now have a basic level understanding of how to code, according to ITWebAfrica.

The participants were given the training through Train-the-Trainer sessions, learning to code with Scratch, an open-source interactive coding language that was developed by the MIT Media Lab.

Launched in 2015, the SAP Africa Code Week will take place for a fourth time this year, with the aim of empowering 600,000 young African boys and girls with coding skills through playful learning methods that inspire enjoyment and creativity.

This year Africa Code Week will take place in 35 countries across the continent during October, with “Hour of Code” follow-up workshops in a number of the countries set for December. Read the full article on Moguldom here.