Meet Tracking the Wild: the social tool using crowdsourcing to help Africa’s wildlife

22 June 2018

Digital Content

One of the biggest tourist attractions in South Africa — and Africa as a whole — is its sprawling wildlife. However valuable this attraction may be, its sustainability is questionable. Just take the rapid rise in illegal poaching as an example. With some clever technological solutions at hand, perhaps social media and crowdsourcing could help inject a fresh sense of modernity to this cherished industry.

Tracking the Wild is a platform that encourages Africa’s parks and reserves to capture and share wildlife sightings with like-minded enthusiasts, while making a valuable contribution to conservation.

It has a two-pronged approach. On the one hand, the system acts as a social media platform: people find information about accommodation and share their experiences. On the other, the platform collects valuable crowdsourced conservation data in order to contribute with wildlife research. Read the full article on Ventureburn here.