Computer News - In Brief


- In Kenya, Microsoft has partnered with the Government in the provision of computer technology to teachers, students and digital villages.

- SKYE Bank Plc and the Osun State government have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for the implementation of the Computer for All Nigerians Initiative (CANi) programme initiated by the federal government in the state. The CANi initiative is designed to ensure that Nigerians have access to computers at affordable prices to increase and deepen the usage of computers in the country.

- isiXhosa speakers have translated the interface for Rhodes' University's email system in a 48-hour Translate@thon. The translated software is the first application of its kind that will allow the institute's students and staff to access email in their mother tongue.

- Building on its existing broad-scale community affairs and development efforts in Africa, Microsoft Corp has announced a joint venture with the International Youth Foundation (IYF) to enhance sustainable youth employment opportunities in Kenya, Nigeria, Senegal and Tanzania.

- Hewlett Packard has begun offering its range of retail products through select retail outlets and flagship stores in some key cities in Nigeria and Ghana. These retail stores will provide walk-in purchase options for a wide spectrum of products and accessories from HP's retail portfolio. The flagship stores will be a major coup for HP because where other brands still struggle to commit to a formal local presence, HP is upping the game with entertainment PCs, gaming PCs and accessories with the much-anticipated range of digital entertainment and SMB products, she said.