Shittu Calls for Partnership to Combat Cross-boarder Cyber Crime in Africa

29 June 2018


Abuja (Sundiata Post) – Minister of Communication, Dr. Adebayo Shittu has called for collaboration between ECOWAS sub-region and African Union (AU) in combatting cross-border cyber-crime, this is also as he informed that it will foster cyber diplomacy within West Africa.

According to Shittu, “transnational criminal network has become complex and sophisticated as Crypto – Currencies are now being used to pay for illicit goods and to fund terrorism”.

He disclosed this on Tuesday at the on-going 2018 Legislative-Stakeholders Conference on Cybersecurity held in Abuja with the theme: Implications of Disruptive Technologies on National Security and Economy.

Shittu maintained that, “the threats to Nigeria by cyber terrorism remain high, adding that the use by ISIS, the terrorist group, of cyber tools to build and influence its support base has been a major challenge globally”.

He however, assured that, “the ICT road map 2017 – 2020 and cyber Acts 2015, commit Nigeria to an ambitious, proactive strategy to ensure the deployment and utilization of ICTs to safe and secure Cyberspace”. Read the full article on Sundiata Post here.