Egypt's booming ICT sector calls for increased cybersecurity measures: Trend Micro Incorporated

29 June 2018


Egypt continues to face a growing threat from cyberattacks with malware detections in Q1 of 2018 reaching 253,995, the second highest figure in the North African region. Based on a newly-released report by Trend Micro Incorporated, a cybersecurity solutions company, the country accounted for 0.23% of global ransomware threats, or 3.97 million, in the same period. The high number of threats in the region prompts the security vendor to call on government entities and business organizations to step up their cybersecurity efforts, especially with Egypt’s Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) sector in an uptrend.

A key driver of the national economy according to industry reports is the ICT sector, which has been consistently leading the local sectors in terms of development in the past years, with an average growth rate of 12.5%. Noting the important contribution of ICT to Egypt’s GDP, national efforts to strengthen security in cyberspace become even more imperative, according to Noura Hassan, Managing Director, Trend Micro North Africa and Levant.

“ICT plays a fundamental role in Egypt’s initiative to transform its economy, aiming to position the country as a regional innovation hub by 2020. If such is the case, government bodies, local organizations and corporate entities ought to pay closer attention to growing security risks that inevitably come with a thriving sector. A modern and integrated security system should be incorporated when mapping Egypt’s transformation into a digital economy,” Hassan added.

Source: ZAWYA