IMImobile South Africa launches MiniMailers

6 July 2018


IMImobile South Africa has launched a new commercial messaging service, MiniMailers. MiniMailers is a media messaging solution that is delivered directly to a consumer’s messaging inbox.

According to IMImobile, it has been trialed with some of South Africa’s largest banks who were impressed with MiniMailer’s functionality, particularly for sending digital bank statements.

Similar to email, MiniMailers' messages allow for the use of imagery, media and can be personalised for individual customers. IMImobile says the advantage of sending large volumes of customer communications for corporate enterprises through MiniMailers are lower distribution costs, higher open rates and delivery attempts, including delivery reports.

The content delivered through MiniMailers is not reduced to the size of the receiving user’s mobile phone or screen. The content is sent to the user’s mobile messaging inbox where consumers can zoom and enlarge content as if it were a standard email message.

MiniMailers aims to capitalise on the current gap in the market between email and MMS-based customer communications. Furthermore, the service is designed for local market conditions where a limited number of consumers are connected to the Internet via laptops and desktops.

Devon Meerholz, chief creative officer at IMImobile South Africa, says, "Customer communications are now being designed specifically for mobile-first environments, and I anticipate that consumers in South African will increasingly start to receive messages from businesses that stand out from regular text-based messages."

"MiniMailers' messages deliver greater levels of customer interaction due to their rich media content, interactive display as well as being highly personalised," adds Meerholz.

"South Africa is very much a mobile-first market, which means the majority of consumers never check their email on personal computers, with over 75% of all website traffic originating from mobile devices," says Meerholz.

"MiniMailers are designed to offer businesses all the functionality of a bulk email but displayed interactively as a message on the consumer’s mobile device," Meerholz adds.

Source: Media Update