Mergers, Acquisitions and Financial Results

Issue 354: Kenya Special

The average price of a DSL subscription should have been KS3,000 (US$45), not KS30,000. This makes it one of the cheaper broadband prices for a country not yet connected to the fibre.

Issue 354: Nigeria targets $70m annual revenue from Nigcomstat-1

Eng Ahemed Rufai was boasting that the satellite’s revenues would exceed those generated by the country’s oil exports by 2010. One reader was sceptical:

I checked the numbers: In 2004, Nigeria had exports worth US$33.7 billion USD - 90% oil, 8% gas. So the oil export was worth some US$30 billion USD. The Nigerian Tribune reports: "Nigeria is expected to earn 18.06 billion naira ($140 million Dollars) annually on direct sales and servicing of transponder from the communication satellite (NigComSat-1)."

Perhaps Eng Rufai can help clear up this misunderstanding?