Ethiopia: Telecom Looking Ways for Replacing Satellite Phone Service

20 July 2018


The telecom service resumed between Ethiopia and Eritrea last Sunday would be substituted with fiber optics in the near future, Ethio Telecom told The Ethiopian Herald.

The resumption of cell phone to cell phone and cell phone to regular calls via digital satellite after two decades of interruption is a step forward to enhance the people to people relations of the two sisterly countries, Ethio-Telecom Corporate Director Abdurahimin Ahmed said.

The service with Djibouti, Kenya and Sudan is through optical fiber connection and the government will see ways to develop the infrastructure to launch optical fiber services to its northern neighbor, he added.

It is to be recalled that Ethiopia and Eritrea signed agreement which included the end of war between the countries and the resumption peace up on Prime Minister Dr. Abiy Ahmed's visit to Asmara last Sunday.

Source: The Ethiopian Herald