Is This Africa’s Next Internet Censorship Controversy?

20 July 2018


Africa has been at the heart of a storm over freedom of speech and access to information over the past few months, as various governments become guilty of internet censorship or cracking down on the freedom of their people in the digital space.

Uganda imposed a tax on social media use and mobile money payments last month, while the Algerian government became just the latest to shut down the internet altogether. In Tanzania, bloggers that fail to pay a new licence fee are having their sites shut down.

South Africa has developed a reputation as having one of the more democratic systems on the continent, with a free press and an active civil society. Yet Africa’s latest scandal surrounding online freedom could well be brewing in the rainbow nation.

In March, the South African parliament approved the Film and Publications Amendment Bill, which legislates for the rights and responsibilities of media producers and consumers, sets out what content is illegal, and decides how media can be classified with age ratings. Read the full article here.