Eritreans use Twitter to demand reforms after Ethiopia peace deal

27 July 2018

Digital Content

Following the historic peace deal between Eritrea and Ethiopia that saw the leaders of the two countries end a two decade ‘state of war’, Eritreans have taken to social media to task their leader, president Isaias Afwerki to implement critical human rights reforms and match the pace of his counterpart, Abiy Ahmed.

Started by an Eritrean activist, Vanessa Berhe, the hashtag, #QuestionsForIsaias has gained traction as several people agree with the law student at the SOAS University of London that all the restrictions and oppression that was ensured in the name of keeping up a united front against a foreign aggressor -Ethiopia must be reversed.

‘‘It’s been more than 2 weeks since the signing of the Eritrean/Ethiopian peace declaration and still nothing has changed in Eritrea,’‘ read part of the tweet that started off the campaign.

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