27 July 2018

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Certificate in Frontiers in Digital Government

This LINK Centre Certificate programme focuses on digital government formation in Africa, drawing on experiences and cases from across the continent. The programme is designed to keep participants abreast of the rapid developments in the field of e-governance, from both policy and practical, programme-implementation perspectives. The objective of the programme is to improve the capability of participants to introduce digital government, to refine its implementation, to effectively monitor and evaluate its outcomes, and to move towards advanced phases of digital governance.


The Certificate in Frontiers in Digital Government fosters:

   understanding of the major paradigms in, and perspectives on, digital governance

   consideration of policies and practices in digital government formation

   analysis of processes and performance in digital government implementation

Targeted participants

The programme is aimed at senior and middle managers in government dealing with public sector transformation and digital governance. It is also aimed at digital government practitioners and researchers working in the non-profit environment. Industry practitioners involved in the implementation of digital governance will also benefit from participating in the course. The course will thus be of interest to:

   professionals and senior managers in national, provincial and local government

   practitioners in e-education and e-health

   information and content managers

   business analysts

   IT and telecommunications managers, architects, planners

   business, marketing representatives


Prospective applicants should have at least a school-leaving certificate, and preferably also an undergraduate qualification. Relevant work experience, as assessed by the LINK Centre, will benefit applicants. Participants should have a sound working knowledge of business processes in their area of public service specialisation. A user knowledge and practice of IT or content management is desirable, but not essential.

Course delivery

This programme, delivered in Johannesburg, includes 10 days' contact time, as well as pre-course guidance and post-course feedback.


Interactive, participatory learning processes and approaches are used in course delivery. The facilitators are drawn from amongst academics, professionals and practitioners so as to provide a suitable blend of theory and practice. Teaching and learning tools include a combination of cases, classroom exercises, group projects, individual projects, readings, and individual and group presentations. Participants are thus able to learn not only from the facilitators but also from their own experiences and those of their colleagues.

2018 offering of this course

Contact week 1: 3-7 September 2018

Contact week 2: 8-12 October 2018

Course fee (2018)

ZAR31,046.00 per participant


Mark Burke, Visiting Researcher, LINK Centre,


Please complete and submit this online application form  in order to apply for registration in this course in 2018.