The Johannesburg InterNet eXchange (JINX) is now able to support VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) interconnection between ISPA (Internet Service Providers' Association of SA) members.

JINX enables ISPA members to interconnect networks and to exchange local traffic in order to save costs, while VoIP commonly refers to the routing of voice conversations over the Internet. "Because JINX currently interconnects most major South African IP backbones, it is ideally positioned for VoIP interconnect," said Lynne Orrock, Joint Chair of ISPA.

She added that the ability of JINX to support VoIP interconnection will facilitate interconnecting with VANS (Value-Added Network Services) operators who intend offering VoIP. The switching fabric at JINX has now been configured in such a way that companies connected to JINX are able to keep their voice and data traffic separate.

ISPA hopes that the ability to easily exchange IP voice traffic at JINX will encourage new members to join the Association, which already represents over 120 large, medium and small Internet service and access providers in South Africa.