Why Nigeria’s N165Bn Interconnect debts challenge persist

17 August 2018


The absence of an Interconnect settlement scheme, lack of monitoring mechanism for traffic exchange by operators and the fact that there is no service fee for clearinghouse services, have been identified as parts of the reason there is the rising interconnect debts of N165 billion in Nigeria’s telecom space.

This was the conclusion of a telecommunications expert, Mr. Ikechukwu Nnamani, while making a presentation at the 2018 NIGERIA ICT IMPACT CEO FORUM, in Lagos last week.

According to Nnamani, a situation where there is no Interconnect settlement scheme that will clearly define how traffic can be interconnected, the telecom operators who are presently exchangng 95 percent traffic peer-to-peer will continue to decide what goes to the ClearingHouses. Read the full article on ITPulse here.