BitCo provides fibre to Starbucks in South Africa for faster customer Wi-Fi

17 August 2018


BitCo has signed a partnership with Starbucks South Africa to provide cafe branches with uncapped and uncontended 1Gbps fibre, reports MyBroadband. BitCo said the roll-out has begun in selected outlets and will continue to all branches nationwide.

The Starbucks branches in Melrose Arch and The Marc were the first to get 1 Gbps fibre, an upgrade from the 100 Mbps lines which were used to serve Starbucks clients to date. Although 100 Mbps Wi-Fi was already marketed as the fastest Wi-Fi service provided by any retailer in South Africa, Starbucks SA managing executive Clive Liversage said that the upgrades are part of its overall value proposition for customers.

MyBroadband said it tested Starbucks' Wi-Fi at its Melrose Arch and Brooklyn branches using three smartphones, an iPhone X, a Google Pixel and a Samsung Galaxy S9. At the Melrose Arch cafe, download speeds peaked well over 300 Mbps and upload speeds exceeded 400Mbps. At the Brooklyn Starbucks, which is still on a 100 Mbps connection, download and upload speeds were well over 90 Mbps.

Source: MyBroadband