Netstar adds telematics to vehicle tracking through SqwidNet cooperation

17 August 2018


Altron subsidiary Netstar has partnered with Dark Fibre Africa's Internet of things (IoT) business SqwidNet to offer IoT services in South Africa, reports TechCentral. Netstar is moving beyond traditional vehicle tracking by offering new telematics devices using the Sigfox equipment upon which SqwidNet's network is based. Netstar has 600,000 vehicles using its radio frequency-based tracking and recovery systems.

The partnership means that all assets tracked by Netstar will be visible, with message delivery under a service-level agreement, in South Africa and in any of the 45 countries where Sigfox operates, at no extra cost, said SqwidNet chief sales and marketing officer Chetan Goshalia.

The first dual device has already been developed with Sigfox connectivity, and Goshalia said it plans to roll out other services.

Source: Telecompaper