Safaricom to introduce finger biometrics to curb SIM card fraud

17 August 2018


Kenya’s biggest teleco Safaricom, is in the process of developing a framework that will deal with the sim card swap fraud. This comes after ongoing sim card fraud that plagued users in the country in recent months.

Safaricom CEO Bob Collymore said that such incidents, the most recent of which resulted in the arrest of 22 suspects, including some Safaricom staff, calls for “more technical solutions.”

“We’ve assessed people quite carefully. It is only that some come in clean then become corrupted,” he said, “We are looking at introducing biometrics for SIM swaps. Meanwhile, if you want to do SIM swaps and the line is active, we will send a message with a request and you will have to confirm the request for the swap,” he added.

Last month the Director of Criminal investigations (DCI) arrested two suspects and seized 2160 unused Safaricom sim card and 3 M-pesa Safaricom booklets.

“We are happy that we are tackling this issue in a multi-faceted way right from the company, the Government, law enforcement and the media for flagging the issue making the public aware.” Steve Chege Director Corporate Affairs Safaricom.

Last year the telco introduced ‘Jitambulishe’, the voice biometric system which allows customers to access services such as resetting of their M-Pesa PIN and PUK requests through a faster and timeless vetting process. The process previously involved speaking to a Safaricom agent or taking a number of steps before getting the much-needed service.

Source: ITNews Africa