Omatek Computers is set to open its Ghana factory in March. It reiterated that the opening of the Omatek factory in March would officially mark the start of business by Omatek Computers (Ghana) Limited incorporated as part of the company's larger vision of creating a brand uniquely African for a global market.

"We believe in Omatek that we can make the continent achieve the Millennium Development Goals by 2015. We also believe that the much talked about Africa unity cannot be achieved if we do not make progress in technology. Entering Ghana for us represent an advancement of our common goals politically and technologically. We believe we must ally ourselves to the dream of our political leaders by joining their common aspiration for a more united Africa," said CEO of Omatek, Florence Seriki who recently welcomed a visiting Ghanaian delegation led by Dr Aggrey Ntim.

The statement added that since the company forayed into Ghana over three years ago, it has been able to penetrate the financial sector by providing hardware solution to some of the leading banks including those that had entered Ghana from Nigeria such as Zenith Bank and GT Bank. The Omatek factory would open a new chapter for the company in Ghana.

"Omatek has opened a credible avenue to further strengthen relationship between two African countries. Its coming to Ghana would advance the common aspiration of Ghana and Nigeria for economic empowerment through IT. It would also open a new way for Ghanaians and Nigerians to tap afresh into a warm relationship that dates back into time and before colonial era. For us, our sister has only come home to join us in building our common aspiration," said Dr Aggrey Ntim. This Day