Inwi Morocco launched 4.5G

24 August 2018


The mobile phone operator Inwi, of the Moroccan group Al Mada, has just hit a big blow in Morocco by launching the 4,5G, premises to the network of the future that is the 5G. With this new technical configuration, the telecom company can now offer its subscribers a download speed of 1Gbps. In practice, Inwi explains that with this bit rate, a subscriber can “for example download a 26 Gigabit 4K film in less than 30 seconds”.

To achieve this network performance, the telephone company relied on the expertise of the Chinese technology company Huawei. The latter has endowed it with “the MIMO 4X4 massive multiplexing technique and next-generation network functionalities”. It is a system used in wireless networks and mobile networks based on multiple antennas, both at the transmitter and the receiver, and for longer-range data transfer with higher throughput.

According to Fadoua Bettioui Laroussi, the planning and performance director of Inwi, this innovation will enable “individuals and businesses to benefit from a speed equivalent to optical fiber with the flexibility of mobility”. Beyond the simple entertainment, Inwi said that its 4.5G will also make a reality of “telemedicine in health centers, distance learning and many other applications.”

Source: NexTV Africa