Liquid Telecom partnering with Sigfox

24 August 2018


The Kenyan division of Liquid Telecom is partnering Sigfox to deploy an IoT network with coverage of up to 85% of the population. Sigfox base stations will be connected via Liquid’s fibre network and IoT sensor-based services will be aimed at sectors including agriculture/fishing, transport/logistics, energy/utilities, industrial, retail, and banking/finance/insurance.

Meanwhile, South African Sigfox network operator SqwidNet has signed up vehicle tracking specialist NetStar as a partner. NetStar – which has around 600,000 vehicles using its tracking systems – will offer dual-technology telematics devices with Sigfox connectivity; the partnership means that all assets tracked by Netstar will be visible, under a service-level agreement, in South Africa and any of the 45 countries where Sigfox operates, at no extra cost, according to SqwidNet chief sales and marketing officer Chetan Goshalia.

Source: Telegeography