UK energy pioneers MAXIMeyes acquire Bamba technology

31 August 2018


Maximeyes Group, a business incubator and investor in the UK, has acquired the Bamba data collection technology.

Maximeyes Group were founded in 2004 to create an environment where ambitious enterprises, high growth start up and talented individuals can achieve their business and career goals. The group already boasts a portfolio of companies covering energy solutions, battery storage technology, recruitment and property.

Shamir Jiwa, founder of Maximeyes Group, commented "We've been involved with Bamba since their launch and are impressed by the capability of their technology and the opportunity to further develop the software into new markets. The acquisition helps us to strengthen our technology portfolio and bring better solutions to our customers."

Bamba, a boutique data collection agency, uses a proprietary technology that specializes in rapidly gathering cost-effective and high-quality consumer insights from emerging markets that can be otherwise challenging to reach. More specifically, the technology allows the building of highly targeted and responsive panels for data collection while incentivizing respondents with instant mobile airtime.

Bamba, closed its first investment round in January 2017. The round included a diverse global investor base that spanned Silicon Valley, New York, Washington DC, Austin, London and Africa. Maximeyes was one of those investors.

Bamba was itself accepted into the prestigious TechStars accelerator program in 2016, where they gained business development mentorship, customer acquisition guidance, talent recruitment channels, and initial capital.

The company was started by its 3 co-founders, Al Ismaili, CEO (@al_ismaili), Shehzad Tejani, COO (@Tejanishehzad) and Faiz Hirani, CTO (@FaizHirani).

"We are excited by the vision Maximeyes has for the Bamba technology. In particular, exploring how we utilise the technology to collect data and incentivize some of the Group's customers.. In addition, we are also excited to be able to extend the incentive offering to include energy credits as well as mobile airtime." says Al Ismaili, co-founder and CEO.

Source: Bamba