Mergers, Acquisitions and Financial Results

Maroc Telecom 2006 consolidated revenues increased 10.1% to 22,615 MAD due to the good performances of all its business activities. 2006 fourth quarter consolidated revenues increased 5.1% to 5,532 MAD million. Revenues growth was mitigated by a one-off 109 MAD million reassessment of the inactivated prepaid cards at Maroc Telecom dealers. Excluding this non-recurring item, revenues rose 7.2%. According to Abdeslam Ahizoune, Chairman of the Management Board, “2006 was an excellent year for Maroc Telecom. Across all our activities, market reacted positively to our innovative offers, so much so that, one more time, revenues growth exceeded our expectations.”

2006 Fixed-line and Internet gross revenues amounted to 12,613 MAD million, up 5.6%.This growth was achieved thanks to the robust momentum of the public telephony segment (revenues rose almost 15%), incoming international traffic growth (+11%), advance of broadband Internet activity and data services provided to corporate customers and telecom operators (revenues were up 13%), stimulated by price cuts. The average voice bill per customer increased almost 3%. The Fixed-line customer base decreased to nearly 1.27 million of lines, down 5.6% compared to December 2005, while the ADSL customer base is still soaring, standing at nearly 384,000 lines at year-end (+142,000 lines i.e. +59% year-on-year). Fourth quarter Fixed-line and Internet gross(1) revenues, which no more benefited from the pricing adjustment implemented during the 2005 last quarter grew 3.5% to 3,198 MAD million.

2006 Mobile business gross revenues amounted to 14,684 MAD million, up 15,0%. The strong growth of the customer base reaching nearly 10.71 million customers, +30% and a net increase of nearly 2.5 million customers over the year, drove the positive stance of revenues. 2006 blended ARPU amounted to 111.0 MAD, down 9.3% compared to 2005, in the context of strong customer base growth and average call price decrease. Fourth quarter ARPU remained stable compared to the previous one. With the impacts of year-end promotions and the reassessment of the inactivated prepaid cards at dealers, fourth quarter ARPU was down 13.1%. The churn rate reached 20.3% (+8.1 points year on year) due to customer base growth and access fees decrease. Fourth quarter Mobile gross revenues grew 9.9% compared to 2005 and reached 3,563 MAD million, due to the impacts of year-end promotions and of the reassessment of the inactivated prepaid cards at dealers. Excluding this last item, revenues increased 13.3%.

At the same Maroc Telecom announced the results for its operation in Mauritania. 2006 gross revenues of Mauritel Fixed-line business amounted to 309 MAD million, down 6.9%, with a customer base of 37,447 lines, down 6.4%. During the same period, Mauritel Mobiles gross revenues reached 688 MAD million, up 19.9%, with a customer base of 601,221 customers, up 29.2%.