Roar Nigeria – a platform for students to develop apps that help meet local needs

14 September 2018

Digital Content

Nigeria is gradually taking the lead in setting up incubation and tech hubs where startups and young people develop software programmes and apps. Roar Nigeria, the first fully fledged university-embedded technology hub in West Africa, is training young tech experts and innovators – despite funding challenges.


In Nigeria, college and university students are taking the lead in driving technological innovation – and they are attracting the interest of global investors. Roar Nigeria, the first university-embedded technology hub in West Africa, is home to startups and young Nigerians who enrol to learn how to develop software programmes and business ideas and how to pitch to potential investors. Individuals are assigned to teams, who work together and brainstorm how to develop software packages or an app, or how to write a business proposal with a global perspective while solving local needs. Read the full story here.