The Senegalese regualator, the ARTP  has issued a decision on January 26th in which it fined, Sonatel, the national incumbent for an amount of 3.4 billion CFA francs ($631,779)  for the repetitive disruptions on its mobile network.

According to the regulator during the day of January 21st long disruption periods to Sonatel’s mobile service were noticed in Dakar, in the  Medina, Centenaire, Reubeuss and Plateau areas. This was followed by another disruption of the pre-paid mobile service on January 23rd in Dakar.

The regulator has taken the view that these disruptions are severely prejudicial to the users and further they followed several other disruptions in the service (Magal de Touba in 2005, Sédhiou in June 2006, disruption during the nigths between June 30th and July 1st 2006 in Daka) which led the regulator to issue a warning letter to Sonatel.

The regulator further notes that despite the warning letter, the Sonatel has continued to disrespect its obligations as the owner of a licence to offer public telephone services. The repetitive disruptions to its telephone service constitute a severe disrespect to its obligation to provide a telephone service that is permanently available according to the article of its schedule of condition.

The disrespect to the quality of service has aggravated  by the Sonatel’s failure to inform the ARTP and the general public. The fine of 3.1 billion CFA francs represents 1% of Sonatel’s turnover in 2005 and will  have to paid to the Public Treasury in the 30 days following the notification of decision.