Nigerian start-up creates platform to submit your film to multiple festivals at once with Festivilia

21 September 2018


Screen Africa Exclusive: The process of submitting a film to a festival can prove to be an expensive, time-consuming and dubious task for filmmakers. Selecting the right festival for a film is in itself a tricky and lengthy task which requires sieving through hundreds of festivals and platforms.

With this in mind, Nigerian filmmakers and techpreneurs, Daniel Ugbang and Tobi Ogunwade, have developed a one-of-a-kind platform that enables filmmakers to complete just one form and have their film automatically submitted to over 500 curated film festivals.

“The sole vision of Festivilia is to be the best option for effective festival distribution for filmmakers all over the world. We want to save filmmakers the stress of blindly and manually submitting their films to festivals one by one which can be a very time-wasting and expensive activity. We are giving filmmakers the opportunity to channel their time into more creative activities rather than spend it filling numerous submission forms,” Ogunwade explains. Read the full article on Screen Africa here.