Rwanda - Smart classroom project gathers momentum

21 September 2018


The Ministry of Education has challenged secondary schools to fast-track a new model of smart classroom in a fresh bid to raise the quality of education.

The initiative, which seeks to equip schools with computers and access to internet, is premised on the belief that ICT is a tool which will transform the country’s education system through the digitalisation of academic material which will subsequently increase access.

The Minister for Education, Eugène Mutimura, recently said in a tweet that government had identified 166 schools to potentially take the lead in the implementation of the smart classroom project.

Irénée Ndayambaje, the Director General of Rwanda Education Board (REB), said that: “All those schools (that have been identified) have the requisite capacity and infrastructure to do it and are able to be role models to other schools”.

The Government has been encouraging schools to identify secure rooms where they can install computers and other ICT related infrastructure

Under the project, government plans to distribute 100 computers in each school. It targets 1,500 schools.

Ndayambaje told The New Times on Friday last week that ICT in education is not simply about students getting computer lessons but rather using the computers to expand their knowledge in the subjects they study. So far, he said, 692 schools have smart classrooms.

Source: The New Times