South Atlantic Cable System goes live

28 September 2018


The South Atlantic Cable System (SACS) is now on-stream and open for commercial traffic cable 26The SACS from Angola Cables is one of the most advanced submarine telecommunications systems. (Image source: hywards/Adobe Stock)

The new digital information highway is the first and fastest link between Africa and the Americas with the lowest latency and will provide a more direct routing for internet traffic in the Southern Hemisphere and the potential for a wider reach into the APAC region in the future.

The SACS from Angola Cables was manufactured and powered by NEC Corporation and is one of the most advanced submarine telecommunications systems to go into commercial operation connecting Angola (Africa) and Brazil (South America).

Data transfer speeds will be greatly improved (five times faster than existing cable routings), reducing latency from Fortaleza (Brazil) to Luanda (Angola) from 350ms to 63ms. Luanda will also connect to London and Miami with approximately 128 milliseconds latency. These two major content hubs will position Angola as a strategic point to serve both the transatlantic region and the rest of the world with low latency and resilient connections.

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