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Allforsite has recently launched a market place where telecom operators and contractors can buy and sell second-hand telecom equipment (products that have already been used and dismantled, but that are still in good working condition).

A similar interface allows the same kind of transaction for excess stock products (brand new products that are still wrapped in their original packaging).

These solutions are particularly convenient for the African market, as already established operators and constructors but also challengers can exchange and renew for lower budget and lower risk their telecom infrastructure product.

Allforsite offers two possibilities. Customers can buy second-hand equipment in their current state and therefore have them at a minimum cost (around 25% of the OEM price); It is often the best solution (best price versus risk ratio) for non technologic items or low value products (e.g. towers, antennas). However, when a customer buys second-hand BTS, TRX etc., Allforsite always recommends the buyer to also buy refurbishment services in order to minimize his risk and receive an item ready to go on site.

This market place offers several advantages for both sellers and buyer.  Sellers can offer their products to maximize the profitability of their initial purchasing. It helps them to renew their current equipment. In other word, selling second-hand or excess stock products is a good way to increase cost effectiveness.  Buyers can acquire quality products for a very low cost. By choosing this solution, they get significant cost savings against new telecom equipment.

In addition, the Allforsite second-hand market place offers customers the possibility to find and trade spare parts that are no longer manufactured. The buyers and sellers can manage their transactions directly or use Allforsite’s mediation. Thus, customers can experience the easy, flexible and effective way of dealing with Allforsite.