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CareerJunction says that it has launched a technology that will transform the face of local online recruitment.  CV2Resume is designed to convert CVs from a variety of formats into a professional online résumé in a matter of minutes, and to give career seekers access to thousands of jobs online.

  CV2Resume integrates a résumé parsing technology into the CareerJunction Web site. This specific technology is available in SA for the first time ever, aiming to give career seekers the ability to import their original CV in Word-, PDF- or any text-based format, and, according to CareerJunction, the artificial intelligence tagging technology will read and extract information from the résumé, converting it into the CareerJunction database configuration.

  Importing the CV into the CareerJunction résumé takes a few seconds, while verifying the information only takes a matter of minutes, the company says. The benefit to career seekers is that they now have an option of either building an online résumé, which is important if they do not have one already crafted, or alternatively they now have the opportunity to simply import their Word or PDF CVs on to CareerJunction and the CV2Resume process will automatically populate a new Resume4Life.

“The advantage of an online résumé is that it is matched more accurately in résumé searches, giving career seekers a much greater chance of being found by recruiters who specialise in matching people to job specifications,” explains Kris Jarzebowski, MD and founder of CareerJunction.

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