Exclusive: Kenya to focus on mobile money, single digital economy

2 November 2018

Money Transfer

Kenya, which is home to almost 25 million people below the age of 19, is aiming to use the latest technology to enhance the country's mobile money network, where people access banking services by phone.

In addition, and in collaboration with the UAE, Kenya hopes to expand its services across the whole of Africa.

“We are working with the UAE Government to find out ways to establish the right machinery in Kenya that will enable us to offer logistic services across the region using technology. A lot of things are going on with the UAE,” Joe Mucheru, Kenya’s Minister of Information and Communications Technology (ICT), told The National..

“As a country, we are only 50 million but as Africa we are 1.3 billion. Our heads of trade have already signed continental free trade area agreements. In Kenya, our aim is clear ... to go beyond geographical boundaries. Read the full article on The National here: