MTN has reduced rates on data contracts and data bundles by up to 20%. MTN customers can now also pay as little as 20c per MB when buying the 1GB data contract or data bundle.

MTN SA’s GM: consumer marketing, Donovan Smith, says: “We believe that the broader population, both contract and Pay as you Go customers, can benefit immensely from having affordable access to broadband, and as Network Operators we need to acknowledge the obvious barriers to entry. With this price reduction we aim to bring mobile data within reach of a larger portion of our population.”

In addition to the price reduction, MTN says that it has extended its range of data contracts, adding a 350MB contract to the existing 500MB and 1GB contracts.

“MTN data only contracts are designed for customers who want a contract that is primarily for data usage. We now have options that are suitable for most customers’ needs regardless of the amount of data they require on a monthly basis,” Smith adds.

As part of the 24-month data contract, customers can receive the F@stLink E220 USB Mini Modem or the F@stLink E620 Data card. The F@stLink E220 USB Mini Modem plays a particularly important role in increasing the accessibility of MTN’s broadband, in that it can be used with desktop and laptop computers, Smith says. Customers using desktop computers at home or in the office can now also connect to the Internet using MTN’s data network, he adds.

Customers taking out the Extended Data 1GB contract before 18 May will receive an extra 1GB of data for free every month for the duration of the 24-month contract, while customers subscribing to the 1GB data bundle will also receive an extra 1GB of data for three consecutive months from date of activation. With this promotion, customers can pay as little as 20c per MB of data.

MTN has also added a 500MB bundle to the 10MB, 100MB, 350MB and 1GB bundles, and these data bundles are available to both contract and Pay as you Go customers at the same price. “In making data bundles available to both contract and Pay as you Go customers, we ensure none of our customers are excluded from benefiting from our affordable data rates,” says Smith.

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