In brief

30 November 2018


One of the biggest telecommunications operators in Africa, MTN Group has announced that it is joining the IoT World Alliance, making it the first African telecommunications company to do so. IoT World Alliance is a collaboration of established mobile network operators which aims to adopt and run a globally connected business through well-executed and smart business decisions.

The Alliance provides a global solution aimed at simplifying and promoting the adoption of IoT communications worldwide. The unique solution leverages the operators’ combined global presence to the benefit of customers.


The quality of service of mobile networks has "deteriorated significantly in recent weeks," announced Wednesday the Regulatory Authority of Telecommunications of Côte d'Ivoire (ARTCI), recommending operators operating in the country, to implement all the necessary measures to guarantee the quality of service. "During the upgrading of their networks, the operators will have to implement all the necessary measures to guarantee the permanence and the quality of service", recommended the Director General of the ARTCI, BILE Diéméléou who had by his side the President of the Regulatory Council of ARTCI, Lémassou FOFANA during a press conference. He announced in the wake that an "audit is in progress". Continuing, Mr. BILE Diéméléou has, inter alia, ordered mobile operators to strengthen the security of their infrastructure to minimize the impact of acts of vandalism, inform the general public in case of work, incidents or damage of nature degrade the quality of service of their network and respect their investment commitments in the network to take into account the extension of cities.