South Africa: Why Vumatel is unlikely to roll out fibre in Pretoria

30 November 2018


Fibre rollouts in Johannesburg and Cape Town are progressing well and both cities are almost completely covered by fibre routes. This is according to Vumatel CFO Kobus Viljoen, who was speaking to MyBroadband about the company’s network expansion.

Following Vumatel trenching its first fibre in Parkhurst in 2014, the company has expanded outward across Johannesburg and assessed each suburb it comes across to see if rolling out fibre is viable.

Viljoen said that with a fibre rollout, the first thing Vumatel will do is an analysis of an area to calculate what the costs will be to roll out their network there.

Once this is complete, Vumatel assesses the LSM of the suburb and starts to work with residents associations about the potential fibre rollout.

Marketing and awareness campaigns are then conducted, and if 30% of the people in a suburb state they will sign up for fibre Vumatel begins the build process. This includes obtaining the necessary wayleaves from local government.

This has resulted in Vumatel’s extensive network in Johannesburg users have access to today. Read the full article on My Broadband here.