Africa offers tremendous growth for e-commerce: Could it save retail businesses in the West?

30 November 2018

Money Transfer

Marvel’s “Black Panther” film about an African prince with superpowers blindsided the movie industry in 2018 with its amazing run of success, proving the hitherto underappreciated appeal of the Africa brand. Now it appears the world of e-commerce could be similarly shaken up by Africa.

The old narrative of Africa on the margins, disconnected from the global economy, riven by conflict or corruption and heavily dependent on foreign intervention and donations, is fading fast. The internet is playing a big part in facilitating this change, hence the increasing relevance of e-commerce on this still much misunderstood continent.

Africa’s population is growing rapidly, especially its middle class, which is expected to make up 1.1 billion out of 2.5 billion Africans by 2050. And that mushrooming demographic, comprising professionals and business people with increasing disposable income, has a taste for Western goods: an obvious opportunity for e-commerce. McKinsey Global Institute projects e-commerce could be worth $75bn in Africa’s leading economies by 2025. Read the full article on How we Made it in Africa here.