The Minister of State, Minister of Territorial Administration and Decentralisation (MINATD), Marafa Hamidou Yaya in a press conference stated that the computerisation of the voters' registers has already started in the field and progressing without a hotch.

According to the MINATD boss, this was thanks to the material that has been acquired and distributed to the 58 Divisional Computer units, ten Provincial Units and the National Computer Unit located at the Ministry in Yaounde. Personnel to carry out the computerisation of the voters' registers have also been recruited, trained and are already at work. The National Computer Unit is equipped with 32 computers, 14 high-quality printers, with well trained personnel prepared to start effective work on the lists that will be sent from the ten provinces. This unit was busy yesterday with personnel bracing up for work, familiarising themselves with the equipment while others were busy putting in place MINATD website.

Some of the personnel explained to Cameroon Tribune the master plan for the computerisation of the voters' registers. They specified that the registration of voters takes place only at the Sub-divisional and District levels. This is done by the Mixed Commission that is comprised of representatives of the administration and those of political parties.

The computerisation process starts at the Computer Units at Senior Divisional Offices. According to the officials, the Mixed Commission in charge of registering voters sends the names of registered voters to the computer unit at the Senior Divisional Office for typing. After this, the list is sent back to the Mixed Commission for verification and eventual corrections. Lists from all the Sub-divisions and Districts in a particular Division are sent to the Computer Unit at the Senior Divisional Office where they are harmonised, people who have registered in many Subdivisions detected and urged to choose only one polling station. After all this is done, the final list for the Division is forwarded to the Provincial Computer Unit at the Governor's Office. Here the lists are merged, cases of irregularities identified and sent back to the Divisions for corrections. After every correction and rectification must have been done at the Provincial Computer Unit, the harmonised voters' register is sent to the National Unit where the final rectifications are done.

At the National level, the provisional voters' lists is compiled and sent to be published at the Sub-divisional and District Offices for potential voters to consult. Another copy will also be published at MINATD website. Irregularities noticed after the consultation of the provisional lists are corrected leading to the establishment and publication of the final voters' register and lists for the entire country.

For the sake of efficiency, the officials at the National Computer Unit for the computerisation of voters' register said the computers are distributed to the various units in relation to the number of potential voters. Minister of State, Marafa Hamidou Yaya in his press conference stated that upon the suspension of registration when the electors will be called to the polls, the final voters' lists will then be compiled and published.

Cameroon Tribune