Teachers, blamed for their traditional approach in the classroom, often argue that there are no tools to help them to be more innovative. To respond to this need, the Mauritius College of the Air has produced a CD-Rom in Mathematics for HSC students. One of the most important features of the CD-ROM is the graphic animations.

After around four years of patience and research, the Mauritius College of the Air (MCA) has launched its "Interactive Multimedia CD-ROM in Mathematics at HSC level". In fact, this CD-Rom will be a new way for HSC students to learn mathematics. It is divided into 5 chapters and 46 lessons that have been scripted by three highly qualified and experienced teachers - Doctor Kaviraj Sukon, Paul Hung Fong Yue and Jugadiss Beehary.

The average number of hours of study needed to master the five topics on CD format is 55 and the students will be able to use these lessons at three levels. The first level introduces the whole content of the CD-ROM. The second allows the pupil to select and study appropriate lessons according to his needs and supplements existing teaching material. The last section is for revision purposes.

The launching ceremony took place last Tuesday at Ebene Cyber Tower where several personalities of the field of education were present. Govin Appavoo, project leader and senior coordinator at the MCA, presented the CD-ROM and commented that it is meant to provide a new learning experience for HSC pupils.

Following the presentation, Minister Gokhool congratulated the MCA on the project. Moreover, the minister enumerated the various governmental initiatives which have been undetaken to facilitate the integration of ICT into education in Mauritius.

As Meena Seetulsingh, Director of the MCA, pointed out, the project has taken quite some time to materialise. She emphasised that the production process for such educational materials is complex and has involved academics and several technicians in multimedia production with an initial collaboration with FRCI. Doctor Kaviraj Sukon, chairman of the organisation, also expressed his satisfaction with the project.

One of the objectives of this CD-Rom is to provide lessons in a web environment to enhance learning. The five main chapters comprising the CD-Rom are namely: Complex Numbers, Differential Equations, Vectors, Permutations and Combinations and Probability.

One of the most important features of the CD-Rom is the graphic animations. Indeed, the product has 1,200 html texts and 4,000 images. Thereby, it can be assumed that the student will enjoy a visual concept that will motivate his learning. Added to all of this, this CD-Rom can be used as a pedagogical tool by teachers. Hence, this product could be a turning point for some to change their teaching methods. To enable all students and teachers to benefit from such a useful tool, the CDROM will be distributed free to all secondary schools