Malawi: Unicef, TNM Launch 'Internet of Good Things'

14 December 2018


Lilongwe — United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) and TNM have partnered to create Internet of Good Things (IoGT), a social media platform that will see TNM users freely access information on diverse issues affecting their lives.

This partnership builds on another where UNICEF, TNM and Airtel came together earlier this year (2018) to drive the U-Report, an opinion-polling system for young people to give their views and opinions on different issues.

Speaking during the launch of the new initiative Tuesday in Lilongwe, UNICEF Chief of Communication, Advocacy and Partnerships, Andrew Brown said IoGT was about providing free information to the youth on a variety of topics.

He said every TNM user with a Smartphone would be able to access IoGT for free from their application and be able to read information on various fields that affect their lives.

"It is a powerful new tool that will work together with U-Report to deliver information to the young people," he said.

Unlike the U-Report, the IoGT initiative will provide access for rich and quality information on a variety of topics including maternal health, HIV and sexual health advice, education, hygiene and emergency information on different diseases.

"What we are able to do with IoGT is to ask people for their views and experience with, say, cholera and then get and give detailed information on prevention of the disease," explained the UNICEF official.

Source: Malawi News Agency.