Ghana: Whatsapp Groups Driving Smartphone Sales

11 January 2019


Increase in Whatsapp groups is contributing to high demand of smart phones, the General Manager of Techno Mobile, Mr Daniel Glover has said.

Mr Daniel Glover, who said this in an interview with The Ghanaian Times last week in Accra, observed that the Whatsapp platform was helping in the formation of social groups and creation of businesses.

He said the use of smart phones enhanced sharing and sending of videos, pictures and documents.

"Feature phones generally known to Ghanaians as 'Yam' unlike smart phone, cannot perform any exclusive function such as sending and receiving of videos, pictures and documents," he said.

Mr Glover explained that Whatsapp had made it easy for the church, family and business groups to communicate and hold meetings without having to meet at a physical location, thus saving time and money.

"When one is not on a Whatsapp, it breeds about social exclusivity and this creates the need for people to own smart phones," he said.

Mr Glover said Tecno Mobile would continue to produce high quality smartphones which is user friendly and affordable to all kinds of individual class.

Source: Ghanaian Times