SOL Wallet mobile and web service enters South Africa

11 January 2019

Money Transfer

SOL Wallet is launching a service in South Africa enabling retail customers to deposit money, save, invest, make payments and manage their expenses via mobile and web apps. They can register and create multi-currency accounts online, buy and sell currencies at interbank rates, trade crypto-currency, pay service providers and utility bills, send money to friends, get a SOL card and pay in stores. The mobile app and is free of charge within certain usage limits.

SOL Wallet will never take commissions for storing and using customers' money. There are no fees for account maintenance and transactions within the platform. Users can instantly convert foreign or cryptocurrency and use it when making everyday purchases with a SOL card.

In the future, SOL will learn to help users to control their expenses and invest their money in stocks and other financial products. SOL is conducting closed beta testing in South Africa now and will launch its products for the public in March 2019.

Source: Telecompaper