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Kalonzo backs Raila for President", said Kalonzo Musyoka's official website on Thursday as all visitors were automatically redirected to Raila Odinga's official campaign website for this year's General Election.

The irony is, for hours Kalonzo's technical team tried to undo the damage on to no avail. By the time of going to press a visit to the website invariably led one to

Strangely, a visit to led one to the Government of Kenya's official website with the singular message on it being: "No time for street demos, rallies or trips abroad we are a working nation." The Government's website - - is run by the Office of Public Communications headed by Government Spokesman Dr Alfred Mutua.

The website contains all public relations information on the Government and its activities. ODM-Kenya is easily the Government's greatest opponent, but now a visit to the website registered in the party's name takes one direct to the Government's PR office.

Kalonzo, the Mwingi North MP, and Raila, the Lang'ata MP, are top contenders for the ODM-Kenya presidential ticket and their enemies would love to see them fight, even split, before the General Election is held.

Whereas Kalonzo's handlers deny he has backed Raila for the country's presidency, Raila's handlers deny they are behind the move. Both politicians could not be reached for comment on Thursday.

In 2002, hackers broke into Roads minister Mr Simeon Nyachae's website and posted pornographic material on it. But this time round the war has begun too early painting a grim picture of the nature of the campaigns ahead.

The development giving Kalonzo's website a complete new look threw legislators allied to both MPs in utter confusion, with most confessing ignorance over Kalonzo's purported support for a Raila presidency.

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