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- The Cabinet in South Africa has expressed concern over recent hoax e-mails and SMS text messages concerning the health of former President Nelson Mandela and has called on the media "not to give these malicious messages any undue prominence."

- The US Embassy in Sierra Leone has resumed issuing visas but insists that only online applications will be treated. The new US Embassy vice consul Brendan Mulocky said he was aware of the fact that many Sierra Leoneans were not computer literate but emphasized that it had become the standard practice globally. Lex America!

- An American internet site, globalerrands dot com, has opened a window for Nigerian professionals to showcase their expertise to the rest of the world.

- Senegalese websites Seneweb.com and Rewmi.com reported to have received continuous hacking threats coming from Senegal and from abroad. Somes hackers have been traced back to the Senegalese government network. It is worth noting that Senegal is heading towards presidential elections!

- Marrakech, a city in Morocco has launched an information website www.tourisme-marrakech.org. to further strenghen its position as the leading touristic destination in the country.