Facebook and Vodafone to deploy Express Wi-Fi in Ghana

8 February 2019


Facebook partners with Vodafone Ghana to roll out Express Wi-Fi facility in the residential areas of Ghana.

The service offers people living in distant areas that lack fiber optic cables access to carrier-grade Wi-Fi.

Available in areas like Nima, Jamestown, Kanda, Pig Farm, and Abossey Okine, the package intends to bridge the gap between Ghanaians and the internet.

The CEO of Vodafone Ghana, Yolanda Cuba, stated, “We are effectively saying to the communities where we cannot deploy fiber that there is a solution we can give. And, we are giving connectivity at the cheapest rate in Ghana.”

Vincent Sowah Odotei, Deputy Minister for Communications praised both organizations for their initiative and talked about how Vodafone and Facebook’s work is in line with the local government’s efforts to put more people on the internet.

Speaking at the launch, Uche Ofodile, Regional Head of Africa – Express Wi-Fi by Facebook, declared, “Express Wi-Fi aims to reduce barriers to connectivity such as limited infrastructure and high data costs, giving more people, such as small business entrepreneurs and developers, the opportunity to connect and build community.

Source: NexTVAfrica