Ethiopia set to create new telecoms regulator

8 February 2019

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Ethiopia’s Council of Ministers has issued a new proclamation calling for the establishment of an independent federal government body to oversee the communications sector, Addis Standard reports.

Having agreed the move this week, the proclamation now passes to the House of People’s Representatives for approval, while a draft copy of the document posted by the local news sources shows that it proposes to create the ‘Ethiopian Communications Regulatory Authority’ (‘ECRA’) as ‘an independent federal government authority for regulation of communications having its own legal personality’.

Among the powers and duties that are to be assigned to the new body are: the issuing, modification and renewal of licences; the regulation of interconnection between providers; the supervision of radio spectrum and the authorisation of frequencies for commercial use; the regulation of tariffs; and the regulation of the types of telecoms equipment that can be used. In addition, it will be tasked with advising the government on communications policy and legislative measures.

Source: Telegeography